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Level up your insights with the first open-source version-controlled BI framework built for the modern data stack.

Designed for technical teams like yours

Designed for technical teams like yours

Traditional business intelligence tools have become a bottleneck. Unlock the latent potential of your engineering and analytics teams. Enable them to deliver high-quality, maintainable, dashboards that power data-driven decisions and enable scalable customer-facing data visualization within your application.

A better workflow for repeatable results

A better workflow for repeatable results

We built our workflow with the data at the beginning. Combined with 100% version-controlled data visualizations, you have total control of how your dashboards are built.

We didn't reinvent the wheel

We didn't reinvent the wheel

We brought a familiar style of syntax, testing, modularity, scalability, and commands into the data visualization space. Starting with simple YAML configurations that live within your existing projects, connected a powerful visualization framework with consistent query-building automation to deploy dependable dashboards.

Powerful CLI
Simple and easy to use CLI enables fast local development, testability and quick deployments to remote environments. Drives integration with your existing CI process.
Tons of Options
Utilize 15+ different types of charts & interactive tables ensuring that you can choose the best visual representation for your data. Customize everything from front to color and much more.
Code Based
Write your visualizations in easy to maintain and modular yaml configurations that sit within your existing analytics transformations or application repository.
Integrates with your Existing Architecture
Setting up a CI, development and production process that mirrors your dbt core configuration is easy with the Visivo CLI and cloud deployments.
Start improving your workflow today
Install our CLI for local development, then activate your trial for deployments. No credit card required.

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